Monday, March 24, 2014


Spring is officially here. Technically. But there is snow in the forecast for this evening. It's the end of March. I'm over it. I'm excited for it to warm up. I'm really excited to start our garden. I'm not sure how this will turn out. I've only had my own garden once and that was vegetables. This year we are doing flowers and some veggies if space allows.
We are not certain what we will plant yet. We went to Home Depot and picked some green Zinnias and other green things. I want to get some Dahlias in white but beyond that I don't know. I'll try to go to a nursery this weekend. I'm trying to stick to greens and whites for colors.

This represents my inspiration. ...never mind. Pictures not working.
Below is what I've already purchased. Again, I'm not sure how it will turn out. The arrangement above is clearly professional but it's the color scheme I was imagining.

I wouldn't mind more colors but sal is pretty set on keeping all the froofy, girly stuff away. I'm cool with that.

Grandma and I also worked on the dress a little this weekend. I did a terrible job of basting some pieces and the kids played with pins and buttons. Jr had all the spare spools of thread "training". He couldn't tell us what for. They appeared to be training for battle.
Karina sorted all the buttons. She found an earring in the box of buttons. Just one. Of course I had to wear it and take a picture.

I still have it on. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if Grandma wanted us to stop coming over to "work". We are not very productive.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Once a week she says

What a joke. I said to myself, and everyone actually, that  I would try to update this once a week. Then the end of week one came and I realized nothing interesting has happened. Same with week two. As it turns out there is really not too much that I have to talk about. If you know me well you know this is also funny because I don't ever stop talking.

So here is a brief rundown of what has been happening:

  • I am on the quest for new work shoes. Comfortable, stylish and cheap all in one?
  • Karina turned 5
  • We went to see the Lego movie
  • I ignored the emails about the fundraiser auction basket for preschool 'cause I don't have the time or money
  • Big Sal also had a birthday
  • I skipped the gym last Thursday
  • I put of signing Jr up for baseball to the point it is now too late unless I want to pay a late fee

So pretty much nothing worth blogging about. The thing is the internet is the one place you can make yourself look awesome! I need to dig deep within myself and find my wit and snark and sarcasm skills. (I gotta have them somewhere under all this blah). Then I have to take pictures with my camera phone and use great angles and lighting. I must make sure to share frequently so it looks like there are amazing things happening to me daily. If I can figure out how to get pictures from my phone to the computer I'll do that. If it requires using a USB cord it might not happen though. That seems like a lot of old school work.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Updates coming soon.

This thing looks old and dated and the info on the side bar is clearly incorrect. As are those pictures but oh look at those CUTIES! My little babies. I might just leave it like that because I miss those sweet faces so.


Blogs last forever. The beauty of the internet. Or maybe the curse. Depends right?

 It has been two years since I posted anything here. Looking back it is kind of fun to remember those moments of our lives. Not much has happened since then but there were things I wish I had written down to remember in the future. I do have thousands of pictures though thanks to camera phones and my Instagrtam addiction. Memories are a little stronger with journal style entries though. Something big that did happen since April 2012 is Sal and I got engaged. This is a rather big deal no? My dear little brother suggested doing a blog instead of a wedding website. I'll have both because I am an attention whore and instead of creating a new blog I figured I'd just use this one. It's easier than making a new one and well, I'm honestly pretty lazy.

So. Here you have it. I'm back to blogging. I have surely made this statement before so no one hold their breath. I'd like to chronicle the wedding planning. It is really quite tedious and the wedding industry is a huge racket but I'm totally feeding into it. I do have plans to do much of it myself though. and by myself I mean with the gracious help of loved ones. I will be sharing those projects here for anyone that is interested.

 My crazy DIY plans:
- Grow my own flowers
-Make my own decorations
-Do dy own papers stuffs ( invites, menu cards, programs, etc.)
- Make the flower girl dress
-Make my attire! Super excited for this one! I cannot, cannot justify spending $1000ish on a dress to wear one day when I can, with my wonderful grandmother's help, make a one of a kind dress for a quarter of the cost.

 Many things I will not be attempting. Food: no way, leave it to the pros. The bar? Yeah, I don't want those problems. Cake: I want to do this myself but I don't have time. That is unreasonable, sadly.

 I know a wedding is about the marriage and the whole uniting of two lives. I'm really thankful that we have that opportunity when so many are denied it. But I'm not going to lie. I want the big party too. How often do you get a chance to get together with all the people you hold dear and have a great big dinner and dance and celebrate? If I offened anyone with my IT'S MY DAY nonsense I apoligize. I'll try not to be a brat. And hey, this is better than flooding your Facebook feed and Instagram and other social networks with my prattle. You at least have the option to ignore me here.

 There will still be cute pictures and stories of the kids though so you can come for that too. They are still super cute.